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Oh my goodness! Big dreams being realized here with a new blog! This dream has been a LOOOOOONG time in the making. I attempted to start a blog before we were married, way back in 2007 but I just failed to keep it up. I had a couple more starts and stops before realizing that, for me, the baby stage of life is not really a good time to commit to new things. But now my baby is almost 4 and my bigs are big so the timing feels right.

While I have a lot of interests and would love to share them all from the get-go, my greatest passion has always been food and nutrition and it makes sense to start with that. So, for now, I’m choosing to focus on my FASTer Way to Fat Loss business and related subjects. So come here to learn about nutrition, see how I live the FWTFL lifestyle, my favorite food, and recipes, grocery tips, meal planning tips, etc. All things food and nutrition, basically.

So, there’s not much here yet but I’m so happy you came to visit and I hope you’ll come back often to see what’s going on around here.

I would also love to see you on Instagram @kasey.life and in my newsletter list! I plan to send an email each week that’s short, sweet, and helpful. Expect my meal plans, helpful tips, finds, recipes, and maybe interesting articles. Basically, helpful things I run across in my daily life and think you might enjoy or find helpful as well.

Thanks for visiting! Make it a great day!



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