Time for a little update…

Well, hello!!! It’s been awhile. Remember when I said, “Hey! I’m gonna start a blog! It’ll be so fun! I’ll post every week!” Also, social media! Let’s be social! Where did I go? Good grief, friends. It’s hard to keep up with it all. It’s hard to find time and it’s hard to prioritize. Somebody call the whambulance for me. So much whining, I know. But all true. I wish I had pictures to share like a REAL blogger but I don’t. Next post…

To catch you up, we moved. New house, new city, new schools, new work schedule, new everything. It’s a lot of new but it’s a lot of good. I now go into an actual office 3 days/week instead of just work from home. I’m really enjoying that because my boss is my sister and she’s a pretty fantastic boss!

Also, I am currently in my first official round as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach (with clients, not as a client!). I love it. It’s something I’m passionate about and can’t wait to do more of. I’d love to have a round of 15 – 20 amazing ladies ready to change their life forever. (On that note, want to finish the year strong and coast through the holiday food crazy like the champion you are? Sign up for my next round! We’ll start on October 21 and you will finish 2019 your healthiest strongest self! Get in this group and be one of my 20!!) Looking forward to continuing to grow this little coaching business and fulfill my dream as a nutrition coach.

The kids are all in new schools and so far, so good! 4th grade is feeling like real life more than any grade in the past. It’s a lot more work but it’s also a lot of fun. I love seeing my kids learn and see things click. Baby boy will be in kindergarten next year. What?! Since it’s his last year of 3 days/week school, we’re really embracing our home days. So basically we don’t even put real clothes on on Thursdays. I love it and I’ll miss him next year.

As far as creative pursuits go, there have been none. I’m dying to get my sewing stuff unpacked but there are other things more important than that. We did make major progress in the unpacking of everything else though so it’s close. Maybe I’ll even get to sew up some gifts for Christmas. Fingers crossed…

I’ve made some pretty delicious food recently. Our meals have been simple and easy with few ingredients because we had no home for a month and then we had a home but a zillion packed boxes so simple is the name of the game. Also, it’s 1000 degrees outside so my motivation to stand at a hot stove is lower than low. I’m so ready for fall. Casseroles are calling my name.

Some of our favorites this past month or so:

I went on a Greek kick and I don’t regret it. I’m still on it, actually. This Greek Lemon Chicken Bowl was an actual recipe I actually followed (rare occurrence in my kitchen). It was a favorite among kids and adults.

This was a tasty beef and broccoli dish everyone enjoyed. I served it with gluten free egg rolls.

This avocado crema was fabulous with fish tacos! I definitely upped the lemon juice, as I do.

My brother-in-law got to go fishing in Alaska and brought home some fresh caught halibut and 2 different kinds of salmon. I have never had fresh halibut and it changed my life. Oh my goodness. I’m not a huge fan of fish and I don’t super love cooking it but I do eat it and definitely recognize the health benefits of eating it regularly. This halibut though. Game changer. I’d eat that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I prepared it a couple ways but this lemon garlic version was our fave. Raise your hand if you like lemon and garlic. Let’s be friends.

So much goodness. I’ve also been working through a whole bunch of recipes and ideas from The New York Times in the last 2 months. I joined their newsletter a while back and it’s so good I ended up subscribing to the NYT Cooking column. I’m loving it. It’s super cheap ($2 something a month) and the recipes so far are really good. I’ve had a couple of duds but I can’t be sure that’s not user error. 🙂 I would share those recipes but you’ll hit a paywall if you’re not a subscriber and will not be able to get to them. That’s always frustrating. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check it out. The newsletter is free and so are their recipes on social media. The subscription gets you access to the entire library and nifty recipe box to save your favorites. I like it.

Ok, that’s what’s happening. Work, school, house sorting, grocery shopping, lunch making, dinner making, laundry, repeat x infinity. Life. Life is pretty good.

I think I’ll be back soon but no promises yet.



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