Macro Tracking is the Key to Happiness

No, it’s not. But it is super helpful in figuring out what the heck is happening with your body especially if there’s something about your body you’d like to change. It would be my first effort if I wanted to:

lose weight
gain weight
tone up
gain energy
reduce inflammation
reduce anxiety
gain confidence
reverse wrinkles -just kidding. I’m old and have 3 young kids.

The reason it’d be my first effort is that it is where your education begins. First, you learn exactly WHAT you eat and can begin to relate what you’re eating to how you’re feeling.

Second, you learn what a truly appropriate portion size looks and feels like. You quickly realize how much real, whole food you can eat and how little processed food fits into a balanced diet.

Third, you learn what a balanced meal and overall diet look like. THIS IS THE GOAL! If you begin to relate to food in this way, suddenly the impossible cravings start to change a little. It’s not about will power, it’s about balance. Logic over hangry. Trust me, it’s the better way.

And lastly, it puts you in control of you. F R E E D O M! Yes, freedom. You get to be in charge of what you eat and how it affects your body. This is winning, friends. It’s winning at life when you are confident that you’re doing your best and you know what the best is. It’s one thing to think you’re doing your best but if your education comes from marketing companies whose one and only mission is to get your money, then you are not properly educated. Please let me enlighten you.

So what is a “macro”? Macro is short for macronutrient and that’s the “big” stuff that makes up the food we eat: Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat. The “ideal” balance is 50% carbs, 20% protein, & 30% fat. I use the word ideal loosely. We are each unique and what’s perfect for my body, age, level of activity, level of stress, life stage, etc. might not work for you. But 50/20/30 is a good place to start and where I generally start my FASTer Way clients.

Macro tracking is one of my favorite parts of the FASTer Way. It’s hard, there’s no doubt. It’s not convenient. It gets pretty uncomfortable when you realize just what you do and do not eat each and every day. But it’s SOOOOOO worth it! It’s worth the inconvenience and the stress because those two things are very temporary. The benefit of hard-earned education is life-long. When we go through a client round, we talk about this in-depth and I also give you lots of pointers on how to make it a little easier and less frustrating/time-consuming.

Again, macro tracking is temporary. The goal is that you learn 2 very important things:

  1. What a balanced meal looks like and
  2. To listen to your body

When you learn those two things, you don’t need to track anymore unless you start feeling off or just want to check in with your diet.

So if you ever find yourself frustrated as to why you can’t accomplish a health goal, consider tracking your macros and see if you’re really off somewhere. Food is tricky sometimes! If you need help learning how to do this without pulling your hair out, I’m here for you! I would love to have you as a FASTer Way client! Join the fun and find your freedom.



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